American Society of Testing Materials
ICBO: International Conference of Building Officials
ISO: International Standards Organization
KESTERNICH TEST: A test of the corrosion resistance of materials and fasteners which involves repeated condensation and drying cycles. Test results are expressed in the number of cycles of exposure completed without evidence of normal corrosion.
PULL-OUT RESISTANCE: Amount of force required to pull a fastener out of a specified thickness of wood or steel.
SALT SPRAY TEST: A common testing method to determine the corrosion resistance of plating and finishes. Fasteners and materials to be tested are placed in a fog chamber with an atmospheric mixture of water and sodium chloride that is maintained at 100% humidity. Test results are expressed in hours of exposure without evidence of normal corrosion. Tests are conducted in accordance to ASTM BI 17.
SHEAR STRENGTH: Measure of the force that when applied at a right angle, will break a fastener.
ULTIMATE LOAD: A load that during a controlled test, produced complete failure of the fastener.


A silver-colored plating that inhibits rust, usually used on fasteners for lath to steel and steel to steel applications.
TITANGUARD ®: A specially formulated plating for corrosion protection rated @ 1500 SST Hrs. on exterior grade fasteners
YELLOW ZINC: A yellow/gold plating used on fasteners designed for interior applications when appearance is a concern.
BLACK/GRAY PHOSPHATE: A black/gray colored plating commonly used for drywall applications.

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